Politikat e

``Apetit Group``

Apetit ka vendosur politika me qëllim të përmisimit të mardhënieve të saj me palët e interesit, minimizimin dhe reduktimin e ndikimeve negative sociale dhe mjedisore në tërësi.


and Social Policy

Through its key operation of producing meat products, “APETIT” SH.P.K strives to create a secure and sustainable environment for social and environmental issues.

Being one of the largest meat companies in Kosovo and the region, “APETIT” SH.P.K aims to provide
internal rules and regulations which ensure a safe and sustainable environment.

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External Communication

and Grievance Mechanism

After stakeholder identification and engagement plan creation, Company must create a
communication channel between itself and its stakeholders.
This communication channel gives access to community around the company to address their
concerns and grievances. Mainly for the cause of keeping the company off the bottom line
company creates this communication channel. It is named “Grievance Mechanism” but it does not
necessarily mean communicating grievances from community to company, in fact it is much more
than that.

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Risk and

Impact Identification

Risk Identification Worksheet identifies the key risk areas for the company, so that the company
can focus its efforts on the most important issues. It will not tell whether or not the risk has led to
a negative impact for the company; rather, it will call attention to the specific risk areas that are
most likely to become problems.

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Emergency Preparedness

and Response

The Emergency plan includes all necessary actions that must be taken to plan for measures to
prevent, deter and minimize / reduce damage in cases of emergency disasters. This should include
the coordination (as a function) of actions in emergencies or various disasters on the one hand, as
well as the commitment of forces for protection, assistance, rescue, evacuation of people directly
endangered by disaster, but also other assets which may to move without difficulty.

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